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Advertisement on Account Pages rant.

2007-07-26 15:02:44 by Cooldsunshine

I've seen some old users' page with the clause "Hasn't contributed anything to the site, so here's an advertisement".
I recently signe up but the deal is, I don't want an advertisement to fuck up my user page!
The thing is, I don't know how to use flash and even if I did, I don't have the time to make movies that are going to get blamed anyway.
It is sad to think that we flash suckers don't contribute anything to the site. We protect and blam, we vote on movies, we post on the forums, we write reviews just to name a few!
I think the ads are kind of an abuse of the new redesign features for profit.
So here's hoping that before my account is old enough to "deserve" an advertisement, Tom will change his mind and won't put an ad on Cooldsunshine's account page...


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2007-09-02 16:53:08

I once saw an advert of an Iranian chick getting raped by a carrot. Would be coll to have THAT on an userpage.

Cooldsunshine responds:

Yo if you are gonna start insulting me and iranian people than go to hell you american peace of shit. Why do you think the whole world hate your fat ass? It's because you think yourself so superior to everyone it's getting on everyone's nerve so go die.


2007-09-06 18:32:01

Suck my cock you mofo

Cooldsunshine responds:

When your mom is done with mine.


2007-09-23 04:47:32

P.. please don't call me an American.


2007-09-24 18:57:40

You just have to have a userpage post, then it goes away ;)


2007-09-25 18:32:30