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2008-02-06 17:01:20 by Cooldsunshine

Waves and Waves II

Anyone heard about those two albums ? It's some random DJs I had never heard about that made this SICK ASS compilation.

My favorite one calls themselves Le Knight Club. Guess who's part of it?
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. That's right, one of the two men behind the genius that is Daft Punk!
I swear this guy can pull of catchy beats like no tomorrow.

Listen for yourself :

Le Knight Club - Hysteria
Le Knight Club - Santa Claus
Le Knight Club - Nymphae Song

And that's just the beginning... Check the other youtube videos for the rest.

The Album is hard as fuck to find. So I'mma buy it off Ebay ! Yes, I'm ready to BUY this music. Here's the CD for eye candy.

So anyway, who has heard of it?



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2008-02-06 17:26:11

not me


2008-02-08 19:49:06

cri d'amour lol

Cooldsunshine responds:


I hadn't thought of that ! "Crydamoure" ! And I know how to speak french oh damn. Good catch.

There's a song called "cheri d'amour" too.